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Wassily and Wyeth had three breathtaking little ones at rollover! :o A banana/magenta/steel male, a sunshine/coral/azure female, and a spring/coral/caribbean female, all irishimcrackle.

I don’t know what to price them at—I’ll have to sleep on it. But feel free to send offers to moyaofthemist #32563! (an underbelly scroll is autobuy, though, for sure)

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I have the seraph scrolls I’d need to make this happen… I’d still need the bellies and tigers, though. I was planning to go with bar/daub, but I can always have yet another pair who gets the leopard treatment, right? (probably the Coatl x WC pair when I make them—or a pair of tundras) These two look rather cool like this…

Opinions welcome. They currently have crackle, which I suppose they could keep… Hmmm.

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The Flight Rising Meet-up!!! pt 1.


I changed my mind - I’m gonna say what I would do if I met you.


I would tell everyone that you were my famous friend - the published author that also happens to love dragons. I’d straight up tell you to not be so nice all the time though then quickly go back to laughing it up with you. I’d make you eat real food - not an apple & a pear. >.>

If there was time, I’d also leave with you so we could hang out and be best friend’s forever. We don’t talk that much but when we do talk, I feel like I’m talking to a friend that I’ve known for ages. It’s nice so hanging out would be extra nice. #frmakesforeverfriendships 

I still owe you a trip to the movies. =P

Well, I’m certainly your friend, even if I don’t think I’m actually famous, hahaha. But I could bring some of my books as proof and try to look flashy? (I dunno how to seem famous.)

Apples and pears are totally real food. :p But I’d love to grab something else to eat, too. I’m a hobbit at heart; food’s one of my favorite things. If you were to visit me up here in Portland, there are fifty bajillion restaurants I could recommend.

We should really talk more often. I’m not great at small talk, so I have trouble starting conversations, hahaha. Maybe we should just dive into interesting topics… Hm.

THE MOVIES HECK YEAH. There’s a place called Living Room Theaters downtown that has cushy couches instead of normal seats. I’ve only been there twice, but I really liked it. (although they don’t show normal movies, so I can’t say what to expect)

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Trading accents for scrolls!

I have 4 of the leaf one and 3 of the rainbow one at the moment. Each accent will be valued at ~300kt for the purposes of this trade, and the scroll values will be the full MP price, not the discounted price, so you should get plenty of bang for your buck. 

Scrolls needed:
3 x Tiger (125kt each) — Hunter, Forrest, Lisa
6 x Underbelly (150kt each) — Hunter, Forrest, VirtualBoi, Emma, BoltBlue, JazzyPop
TOTAL: 1275kt (~4 accents)

Any extra you pay in scrolls will be sent back in assorted apparel and familiars (which are selling really well right now, actually).

You can also just pay 300kt in cash, but that’s up to you!

Any takers?

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FR Goal List:

  • 1 x Tiger (for Lisa)
  • 1 x Eye Spots (for VirtualBoy)
  • 3 x Underbelly (for BoltBlue, Emma, JazzyPop)
  • 2 x Crackle (for Lynfa, VirtualBoi)
  • 4 x Bar (for Hunter, Forrest, Malimbicus, Merops) — when it comes out
  • 4 x Daub (for Hunter, Forrest, Malimbicus, Merops) — when it comes out

And I want to get lots of neon apparel for my neon dragons. *siiiigh*


  • Accent: Leafy Leopard(x4)
  • Accent: Loopy Rainbow(x3)
  • Seraph Scroll (x2)
  • Random Apparel and Familiars

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A fun thing to do when people accuse you of “thinking people should just have stuff HANDED TO THEM! ! !” Is to just cold be like yes. I absolutely do believe that. I think every single person should have their needs met unconditionally without ever having to prove that they “deserve” it based on arbitrary criteria of usefulness. You got me. Busted.

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Flight Rising Elemental Festivals and YOU!


Gather ‘round, gather ‘round, my newbie friends!  I have come to impart my hard won wisdom upon you!

What is an Elemental Festival?

The Elemental Festival is a week long event on Flight Rising, starting from the last Sunday of the month until the next Saturday at Rollover.  This happens every month except December, and each festival is tied to a specific Flight.  This month’s Festival is the Wavecrest Saturnelia, the Water Festival.

Okay, but what does that all mean?

During an Elemental Festival, unique currency, chests, skins, apparel, and a familiar can be gotten.  Many of these things will only be available during the Festival, unless you want to pay some absolutely insane prices on the Auction House later.  By now, most of you are familiar with the rarity of the Light Sprite, and how much it goes for.

The Festival Currency can be traded at the Festival Favors shop for the Unique Sprite and three pieces of apparel.

So where do I get the Festival Currency?

So glad you asked!  There are two ways to get Festival Currency: Gathering in the right Element (in this case, Water) and Fighting Monsters in the Coliseum.

This month, if you Dig in Water, you also stand a slim chance of getting one of Five Festival Chests which contain a bit of treasure, a few gems, and a Festival Skin.

In the Coliseum, Water and Neutral type monsters stand a chance of dropping the Festival Currency as well as those Festival Chests I just mentioned.  There will be a total of 10 Festival Skins.  Unless announced otherwise, five will only be available through those chests.  The other five will be on sale in the Treasure Market.

And that’s… pretty much it.  I know Water Flight will be running a few games in the forums for the festival, but to be honest that’s an aspect of the Flight Festivals that I’ve never paid much attention to.  So, good luck and good hunting.

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