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I have 1 Faerielight Chest, 4 Brightcloud Chests, 1 Spectral Chest, 21 Glowing Embers, and 44 Immaculate Tablets.

I want bar/daub.

The value of bar/daub will go down and the value of the limited items above will keep going up, so I figure it’s fair to offer them for a swap. If you wanna trade, let me know!

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lethargiclionheart replied to your post:There’s a triple spring spiral female on the AH…

I thought you didn’t like triples? :O Change of heart? Or just love spring so much? xD

I want snakelings, and the parents look most snake-ish as triples. It’s different from when I’m just going for aesthetics, haha.

terradoodles replied to your post:Oh—oh my gosh, you guys! I was just sighing about…

Didn’t have to, but wanted to. <3 I went to the mp to see what genes were there before realizing you didn’t specify what you wanted for that sandy spiral boy xD

Good thing I didn’t post about the genes, then. That would be too much of a gift! I can’t handle this much niceness!!

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